Monday, May 23, 2016

I Want These Every Day [homemade croutons]

I was one of those kids that didn't eat bread crusts. Until I was forced to, and discovered that it doesn't taste bad, as kid brain had led me to believe (and then I later took to calling them "the butt" of the bread, also because of kid brain).
Now, many many years later, while bread ends aren't gross or anything, they're not as tasty - I blame it on the fact that I buy the 99 cent bread versus the much better stuff (I would eat potato bread bread ends every day if I could!). So, for the last long while, I've not been eating them (it's shameful to waste food, I know, but most of the time, once we're at the end of a loaf of bread, it's starting to go stale, anyway).

I Want These Every Day [homemade croutons] | Use up those bread ends for croutons - it's quick and easy and delicious! | Anxiously Being Havok

Except not any more.
Because a little while ago, I read over at Medium Sized Family that Jamie saves the bread ends in the freezer and makes croutons with them
This is a thing?!
Why did nobody tell me this?!
Also, why are there so many things in life that nobody tells me. It's normally things that just seem normal that everyone I tell responds with "yeah, that's a thing, I thought you knew" - we should just assume by now that I don't know and any awesome information like this needs to be shared with me!

Either way, croutons. 
Oh man.
I will gladly eat any and all croutons as a snack, because deliciously seasoned bread bits. I mean, that's all the reason one needs, right? I don't buy them often, though, even though they are decently priced, because we have so many other things that need to be purchased, which doesn't leave any room for them.
But to make my own? With bread I'm not already using? C'mon, that's a dream come true!

So, for a few weeks, I saved up bread ends in the freezer. I even had a few non-ends stashed away, as one loaf sat for a little too long.
Finally, the other day I took them all out and said "today's the day!"
And it was. Oh, it was. It was the very best day.

I Want These Every Day [homemade croutons] | Use up those bread ends for croutons - it's quick and easy and delicious! | Anxiously Being Havok

I used the recipe that The Pioneer Woman has on her blog, except I skipped the cheese (which is an odd thing for me to say, right?).
I had well over 3 cups of bread bits, so I ended up using double the amount of olive oil, and just seasoned with garlic and onion powder, as I would anything else (read: lots and lots).

My only issue with making the recipe has nothing to do with the recipe itself, but my lack of proper cookware. I don't have an actual cookie sheet, but one of those metal pizza pans, which was not quite large enough for the quantity of croutons I was making.
I had to leave them in the oven for about twice as long as the recipe suggests, and even then not all the pieces were perfect crunchy (but I prefer squishier croutons to hard-as-a-rock ones anyway).

Then they come out of the oven, and my house smelled like bliss. And then I was as happy was I could possibly be.
They were delicious. Amazingly so. And I had a whole bowl! Except I would not recommend making a whole bowl at a time, because then that means you have a whole bowl of croutons...which, at least for me, means I want to eat said whole bowl of croutons, if you catch my drift.

I Want These Every Day [homemade croutons] | Use up those bread ends for croutons - it's quick and easy and delicious! | Anxiously Being Havok

My biggest problem with this, though?
They don't last.
No, not because I ate them all, but because the next day they were no longer crunchy. I'm guessing it had partly to do with them not getting cooked all the way the first day in the first place, and partly to do with they don't have the preservatives that store bought ones do to keep them crunchy. Even the day I made them, they were starting to get kind of sad in the evening after having been perfectly fresh a few hours before.
Which just means that I need to make them in smaller batches and more frequently.
Darn. Whatever will I do?

Are there any other "yeah, that's a thing, I thought you knew" kinds of things that I need to be aware of? What other kinds of seasonings would you add to croutons?

~ Havok

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Friday, May 20, 2016

High Hopes [a reflection on house and home]

Back before I started this blog, I had tried to get organized (in the most serious of ways). I was trying to do meal planning, was trying to keep the house clean, was trying to just, well, be an adult who gets adult stuff done.
Then I thought of starting a blog, because that would keep me accountable, right?

Except, you see, I also thought that blogging would light a fire under me and force me to do all of those things.
I inwardly hoped (without actually saying it) that blogging would magically turn me into a domestic goddess. 

High Hopes [a reflection on house and home] | Anxiously Being Havok

Ha. Hahaha. Ha.
Oh, that's funny.
Because that's, ha, obviously not the case. I mean, it's not the exact opposite (though it has seemed as such at times!), but any improvements that have happened haven't been because of blogging.
They've been because I finally got so sick and tired of doing what I had been doing (or, not doing).

I always (and I mean always) had hopes of having a perfect house.
It would be clean and shiny, and the kitchen would be great and there would be delicious things in it all the time, and there'd never be clean clothes just hanging out in the dryer, and I would be able to always recall the last time I changed the sheets, and all sorts of random stuff that one thinks of when they think of a "perfect house."
And, if you've been here before, you are probably aware that none of that is true. 
My counters are currently shiny, because I cleaned them today and haven't cooked anything since (though once it's dinner time, they'll no longer be shiny, as I'm still a messy cook). There is nothing delicious in my kitchen right now - unless frozen pizza counts? There aren't actually clean clothes in my dryer, thank goodness, but I still don't always put away everything once the dryer is done. The last time I changed the sheets, though, was last Friday. But the time before that? Uh, no idea - let's not discuss it.

I can do the dishes every day, sure. But I have to force myself to vacuum. I haven't moped in ages. I have piles all over our office, of just stuff that I think I need to have about all the time. And while I mostly cook dinner regularly, I did mention I had frozen pizza, right? And not the good kind, either, but the 1$ kind that never really counts as a meal if you split it for two people.

Nothing in this realm has gone as planned.
I'm not sad about it, nor am I disappointed about it. I just know now that nothing was going to make any of the good home bits happen unless I actually, you know, got off my butt and got it done. There is no magic switch, there is no random creation of motivation no matter how much you're pushed, and there is no overnight change in habit.

The whole thing is still a work in progress. 
I'm better than I used to be, but in no way could I even try and enter the domestic goddess ranks. Which is fine. Maybe, eventually, I'll get there. For now, I'm just going to focus on the basics that I still need to improve on (like vacuuming every week and washing the sheets more than once every few months) and get those to be just as easy as doing the dishes every night.
I mean, what else is there to do?

But, I mean, it'll happen eventually, right?

~ Havok

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Week of Yoga

My body kind of hates me. 
And I decided to try yoga for a week. Because, sometimes, I make some silly decisions. This one, though, was silly to start with and then turned into a fantastic one.

Of course, though, this isn't done in a gym or anything (leave my house for more than I have to? No thanks), but at home, using an app on my phone. The app I'm using is Daily Yoga - Get Fit & Relaxed, and the "course" I started with was "Yoga during Menstruation" because that sounded like the kind of thing that could come in handy. The course is 7 days/sessions long, and each day has it's own video to watch that you follow along with.

A Week of Yoga | Anxiously Being Havok

And those 7 days and sessions have passed and now I'm onto the beginner course (which, really, I should have started with, but oh well).
Because, well, it was actually enjoyable. And I'm wanting to do more.
But, a few things I learned from this past week - some surprising, some not.

First: each session is about 20 minutes long. I have 20 minutes to spare each day (and then some, really), and there's no travel time to account for, no getting ready other than starting the app and getting headphones to hear the video with. Which is my kind of commitment level.

Second: some of the sessions ended with laying on the floor for two or three minutes. Yeah, no, I'm serious. There's a "pose" called "corpse pose" and it's laying on the floor on your back. And some of the videos had you end with that, for a few minutes, with your eyes closed, just laying and breathing. And while I didn't know any of that going into it, this information certainly would have helped me make the decision to start a lot sooner! Because this lying on the floor was actually part of the run time of the session for the day - so a 20 minute session that has 3 minutes at the end of lying on the floor is even less exhausting.

Third: my posture is crap. I mean absolute crap. My back has hurt more frequently this past week because of this nonsense. However, it's only hurt while trying to have good posture. And once the session is over, and I'm back to slouching, I'm fine. I have been, however, trying to make more of an effort to sit at least halfway decently throughout the day. As I'm typing this up, my back is killing me, but only because I'm trying to have good posture (or, at least, better posture).

Fourth: my body is just, really, not all that great. There are some stretches or poses or whatever you want to call them that I just cannot do. My body doesn't move that way. So I do as much of each stretch as I can, for as long as I can manage for that bit, and have been hoping for the best. And from what I've heard and read, that's pretty much par for the course - do what you can, adjust for what you can't, and build up to it. A lot of the stretches that involve sitting on the floor with your legs stretched out I have a problem with - it kills the back of my knees. The voice over lady kindly suggests bending your knees if your back hurts too much for those kinds of stretches, which I laughed at because my problem was my knees, not my back.

Fifth: it's actually a pretty darned good way to start the day. For the most part (6 of the 7 days) I did the session for the day shortly after getting up and out of bed. It also helps that this means the dogs are still in bed (because the Mister is still in bed) and they won't be thinking that I'm on the floor to play or pet or love on them. But it's just relaxing enough to do while still groggy, while also enough movement to actually be awake and ready to get things done by the time the session is over.

Sixth: it's really easy to not be aware of what your body is capable of. I had no idea my flexibility was so bad. But, it truly is. And that's kind of sad, really. I was never very flexible when I was a kid (when a person is usually the most bendy), but what I could do is no longer an option! And while flexibility may not be something you think about being important, I'm learning that's not the case. Bending over, for example - you can do it with your knees or with your back...or, with your hips. Your legs can stay straight, and your back can stay straight, and you can just bend over from your hip region. Well, okay, some people can. I cannot really do that yet. I can get a little ways, and then my back wants to get all curled over. But, just like with anything else, practice makes perfect (or, at least, progress) and maybe at some point in the future I'll be able to bend over and touch the floor again. Because that'd be cool.

Seventh: deep breathing is kind of amazing. Deep breaths, through your nose, with your inhalations and exhalations equal in length...that's some magic shit right there. Which is a weird thing to say. Because I've been frustrated or angry or just instantly livid, and have tried the whole breathing and counting to ten nonsense before...and it was just that, nonsense. I figured it would still be nonsense, even paired with the stretches, but that's not the case. Abdominal breathing, the app calls it, and it's just that - breathing with the use of your abs. It's just complicated enough that you have to think about it, if you're not used to it, sort of like the meme about manual breathing or blinking (#sorrynotsorry). And, therefore, just complicated enough that you have to actually think about that and focus on it to be able to do it, which helps clear anything else from cropping up.

Eighth: it's made me find more yoga to do. I've started the beginner course with this app, and have downloaded another app (Track Yoga) that I'm doing in the evenings, which is very similar - 20-ish minute sessions, multiple courses you can "take" with videos to work along with. This second app is, so far, even heavier in the laying on the floor for a few minutes at the end of a session, so it's great to do in the evenings about an hour or two before bed.

I don't have any life changing results to share after only 7 days, but I do know that it has been worth the time and effort so far. I'm looking forward to continuing it, and hopefully regaining some range of motion, even.
And while my body still hates me, maybe it will hate me less as time goes on. That's all I'm really hoping for.

What about you? Have you tried yoga before? Did you enjoy it?

~ Havok

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Writing Should Not Be Complicated

Journaling is a wonderful thing, as I've mentioned before.
There are so many uses for it, so many different ways you can go about it.
And, at the same time, so many ways to get overwhelmed. 

Some people fear a blank page.
Some people worry about other people finding and/or reading what they've written.
Some people think their handwriting isn't good enough, or their days aren't worth capturing.
And then there's people like me, who love journaling, have all sorts of notebooks and pages and journals that we work in from time to time and spend a lot of time worrying about making sure that whatever vessel we choose is the right one.
Which is where I'm at right now.

Writing Should Not Be Complicated | Anxiously Being Havok

How in the heck are you supposed to choose which notebook is going to be the right one

I've not figured that out.
And so, I spent the better part of the beginning of last week on the subject. It was very overwhelming.

Do I use my ARC junior? It's a nice size, though I have to use heavier weighted paper in it for it to work nicely as I don't have any of their special paper in that size.
Do I use my Field Notes size traveler's notebook? Though the pages are small, filling up a notebook quickly is kind of a pleasure all in its own. I've got a few empty ones on hand, it'd be quick and easy to start.
Do I use a standard size traveler's notebook? Oh, but which one? And what insert? Do I use a Midori one, or print up some grid paper and make my own? Would it be worth sacrificing a Midori one for, in the case I don't fill it up for months and months (because of lack of use, as I'm used to doing)? Or is it worth going to the trouble to print grid paper, cut to size, and staple together a notebook for something that may not be used for more than a few days?
What about my full size ARC notebook? I haven't used that in ages, and I feel bad having it just sit around empty. I have tons of refill paper for it; though if I were to keep it close at hand, it does take up a lot of room.

After a few days of that off and on, I said "screw it, I can't take it any more." It was much too much to choose from.
So, I grabbed some loose-leaf lined paper from a binder and just wrote down what needed to get out of my head. And it felt so nice to just get all that stuff out, but also to have that "which is best?!" concern gone as well.

"Which is best?!?" is really a horrible question.
It serves no purpose other than to get nothing done and create extra worry and stress. There's no need for it, but I've yet to not find it along the way.

Growing up, I was able to write in whatever was handy, no concern of places or organization or anything. Spiral notebooks, actual journals, regular lined paper - if it was lined in any way and it wasn't specifically for a class at school, you can bet I filled it up.
There was no concern about anything, other than writing stuff down. It was great!

And it only became un-great when I found all these other and "better" ways to do it. 
It got complicated. Needlessly so, I do believe.
Because, really, what difference does it make where I write down that I need to remember to take meat out of the freezer for dinner, or that I needed to grab recipes off Pinterest, or to remember to brush my teeth (because sometimes I forget), and to tell myself to take an evening mostly away from the computer.

It doesn't matter where all that goes, it just needs to get out of my head and onto paper. 

So, for now, regular lined paper it shall be. Messy and scribbled and filled with whatever comes out my head onto the page.
I can't care any more about it being the perfect place for it. It's a waste of mental energy, and it's really quite a silly question anyway - especially considering that I've never actually had a problem using any of the systems I've used before, just a matter of wanting something better.

Better, really, should only mean out of your head and onto paper. Best is when you can find it again. Pretty sure that applies across the board.

What about you? Do you battle the where-do-I-put-this? Or do you have the greatest journaling system you could ever want?

~ Havok

P.S. I will admit, I'm dating everything and taking notes on things and being my normal self in that manner, but I'm also numbering the pages and creating an index as I go along (sort of like a bullet journal) - as being able to find what I wrote is important to me. However, that doesn't take away from the fact that plain lined paper does the job just darned fine.

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Why I Don't Bake (often)

I'm a fan of baked goods.
Cookies, cake, bread, baked macaroni and cheese even.
It's a wonderful thing, I assure you.
However, for the longest time, I refused to do any baking.
Because whatever I would make wasn't getting eaten. 

Why I Don't Bake (often) | Anxiously Being Havok

Let me back track.
I would gladly eat whatever I decided to make (that's how it works, right?), but the Mister wasn't on board. Oh, sure, he would have some when whatever it was first done, and he would say it was good. And then that was it.
And, let me tell you, while it may seem like not a bad deal (hey, more for me, right?) it made no sense to spend all that time for it to be not by enjoyed by the other human in my house.
So, no baking. 
No point in wasting that time, the ingredients, and my energy, on something that he wouldn't partake in, right?

Also, a few years back, I tried canning. Which wasn't necessarily smart, because I had to buy the fruits to do it with, but it was fun.
I made apple sauce, apple juice, and apple butter. Oh it was a long afternoon and while my house smelled amazing, it was a lot of clean up!
I ended up with a cupboard of apple goods, and I was so excited.
That night, we tried some of the juice and apple sauce, while the apple butter was in the crockpot, and it was delicious (and the Mister agreed).
Then, it stayed in the cupboard for way too long. Oh, I tried to eat and drink it, sure, but it was a lot of work to end up sitting in a cupboard, or to only enjoy myself (especially after being told it was good!).
And that was the last canning I've done. 
I still have my water bath canning pot, it's sitting on top of the fridge right now. And I have everything I would need if I wanted to do it again (besides needing more lid sealing bits). But I have no desire to do it again right now (aside from the fact I would, again, have to buy fruits to do it with).
Because I would be the only one to eat it.

Is all that effort with it?
For canning? That's a lot of work (and a lot of heat in the kitchen, too!).
For baking? While not nearly as much work, makes an awfully large mess on it's own.

And then getting through all the finished product?
Heck, to make jam, you'll end up with at least 6 little jars - that's a lot of the same kind of jam.
And to bake banana bread? That needs to be eaten within a few days before it starts to get not-as-fresh tasting. And while delicious, that's a lot of bread to get through in 4 days all by yourself!

So, I stopped doing it.

Oh, from time to time, I'd bake something because I really, really wanted to. And like all the other times, I'd basically be eating it myself.

But you know what?
I don't care any more. 

If I want zucchini bread, I'm going to make it. And if that means I'm going to have to eat that whole loaf by myself (over the course of a few days, of course), then by golly that's what's going to happen. And it will be delicious and if the Mister doesn't want that experience, that sucks for him.
If I want cookies? Same deal. I have the resources to make that happen. It's something I enjoy doing. And if I have to enjoy it myself? So what.

Enjoyment should be had. Deliciousness should be experienced. 
Even if that means you're all on your own for it. 

So, I've got some bananas in my kitchen, and in another day or two they'll be perfect for bread. And I'm going to bake bread. And it'll be amazing (the trick is slightly more vanilla and milk!).
I may have to have banana bread at breakfast and lunch for the better part of a week, but there was fun had in the creation of it, as well as in consuming it. Even if that means I'm on my own in that happiness.
I'm okay with that.

I'm also okay with finding new things to bake, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know! Or, any suggestions on how to get cheap fruit for canning!

~ Havok

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Grilled Cheese & Quesadillas - the best way ever

We are cheese eaters.
Right now, I have two opened 16 ounce packages (one cheddar, one pepperjack) in the fridge, as well as one unopened 16 ounce package and two 8 ounce packages of pepperjack (because sales, guys). And in the next week or two, cheese will be on sale again, and I will buy more.
I like to think of it as a stash, but, really, it gets eaten quick enough to be considered just normal stock for us.

This leads to having grilled cheese or quesadillas quite frequently. They are meal plan and snacking staples.
Not only are they simple to make, but they're using things we always have on hand (which means even if there "isn't anything to eat," we normally have cheese and bread and tortillas).

For years, however, I've been doing this the hard way, and the not-as-delicious way.

Grilled Cheese & Quesadillas - the best way ever | Anxiously Being Havok

Let's start with grilled cheese. 
Growing up, my parents had a griddle thing, which was used for pancakes and grilled cheese sandwiches. Which was convenient - it had just enough space to make enough of either for the three of us without it taking forever.
However, I do not have such a wonderful device in my kitchen, so I've been making these delicious sandwiches in a pan on the stove. Not only is that not as scientific (the guessing of "is it done?" leads to at least one side of each sandwich getting much toaster than I'd prefer) but it takes twice as long - since I can only make one sandwich at a time.
"But," you say, "why not use two different pans and do two at a time?" And I say "oh, but I've tried that, and it was more complicated than it was worth."

The other week, I decided there had to be a better way, and I looked up "grilled cheese in the oven" and Google was full of results - I was in amazement. My world was opening up before me. It was glorious.
I followed the instructions and put them sandwiches in the oven. about 10 minutes later, I had two sandwiches, done to perfection. Less time, less "is it done?!" and less darkly toasted bread.
You start out the same, with sliced cheese and butter on the outsides of the bread and then assemble said sandwiches on a cookie-sheet type pan and stick in the oven for about 5 minutes at 450 degrees. Flip the sandwiches. Put back in for a few minutes more.
Done. Perfection.

Now, onto quesadillas.
Which I had been making in the microwave. Not nearly as delicious as it should be - the tortillas don't get crispy and the cheese isn't always melted thoroughly.
But in the oven? Crispy deliciousness! And, even better, you can make more at one time! And that, my friends, is kind of the best gift of all (but crispy tortillas is a very, very close second).
And it's just as simple as the grilled cheese - put some vegetable or olive oil or whatever on the outsides of your tortillas, put your cheese and whatever for the insides where you need that to go, and stick it in the oven (on the same kind of cookie-sheet type pan) for about 5 minutes at 450 degrees. Then flip them, and cook for another 5 minutes or so.
Take them out and enjoy. Because it doesn't get any easier than this. 

The only sad part?
That it's taken me this long to figure it out!
What else should I be putting me in the oven? If you have any suggestions, let me know!

~ Havok

P.S. And, if you have not tried it before, you need to try adding cream cheese to your grilled cheese sandwiches. Because it's amazing. We recently had a friend over on an evening that was for dinner, and after consuming one in that manner he said it was amazing. And it is. Seriously.

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Monday, May 9, 2016

Stitching and Finished Objects [successes, even!]

Sewing by hand is hard, y'all. 
Okay, it's not hard but man does it take a long, long time. So the decision that I would, well, sew something by hand was either really smart or really stupid.
I'm going to go with smart. Because I'm quite proud of having done it (after not having sewn anything in years) and it didn't really take a terribly long time (but much longer than it would have if I had a sewing machine!).

I had the idea of sewing up a wallet - the purse variety, not the fold up and stick in your pocket variety.
I found multiple patterns and tutorials and thought, well, I'm smart, I can figure it out...I'll just use some measurements and some photos for reference and just, well, wing it.
I'm not sure that was smart, however. I mean, it worked, technically, but not necessarily 100% the way I intended!

Stitching and Finished Objects [successes, even!] | Anxiously Being Havok

And, let's be honest, it's been a while since I've done any sort of sewing or fabric manipulation, so there were a few hiccups along the way - the first of which being cutting one piece an inch short (I was focused on getting a straight line, and thought I'd measured length...I hadn't).
But it worked out as the measurements given were awfully strange and extra large (and I never figured out where all that extra fabric was supposed to be) so the shorter cut turned out to be fine.

I made a card pocket, with two slots, a cash pocket (both on one side), and then another pocket on the opposite side.
I'm not sure I went about it properly, but there are pockets, and they are inside the wallet, not on the outside, so that's a success to me.

Stitching and Finished Objects [successes, even!] | Anxiously Being Havok

I got about halfway and bemoaned the lack of an iron.
It would have been easier to cut and measure everything, if it was ironed flat. And it would have been easier to get all the corners even and stitched together straight (no rippling, I mean) if the fabric was ironed.
Also, at about the halfway point (with the pockets attached at this point to the inside/backing), I was realizing that this wouldn't ever be anything that would leave the house. Because, in my brilliance, I did not have any sort of interfacing and this was going to be a very, very floppy wallet. Oh well.
Also, the decision on how to close the darned thing.
Oh there were instructions for elastic and buttons I had found, or snaps, or velcro, or anything. And I had none of those things, so it will just, well, fold over and be done.So, again, not something that can leave the house. More oh wells.

It was plain, though. And it needed some spicing up. So I added an applique "J" to the front. For one, because why not. And, two, because it would mean I'd have to learn blanket stitch (and, no, I'm fairly certain I've never done that one before).

Stitching and Finished Objects [successes, even!] | Anxiously Being Havok

It turned out alright, sure. After I cut out the letter the right way 'round! I traced on the back, the first time, with a J the right way...except, you know, on the back of the fabric. So, I had to do it again, and is just the kind of thing I was liable to do with this project.

Stitching and Finished Objects [successes, even!] | Anxiously Being Havok

For final assembly, sewing up everything right sides in, I'm fairly certain those were my best and straightest stitches, which was nice. Until the end when, well, I left a gap that I thought would be large enough to turn it all right side out.
Apparently not so much. So I had to rip some out, then flip right side out, and sew up that gap - which I did not do so neatly.

Stitching and Finished Objects [successes, even!] | Anxiously Being Havok

Stitching and Finished Objects [successes, even!] | Anxiously Being Havok

But it's done! And I'm pleased!
It brought some decent amount of soreness to my hands, but that was to be expected. And it didn't turn out nearly as nicely as I would have wanted, but that is to be expected for a wing-it kind of project, especially one of the first variety.
Though I do think I will take a break from sewing for a bit. The energy and excitement has run out, especially considering it takes so long. So, until a machine can be procured, I'll collect patterns and tutorials and dream of what else to make. If you have any suggestions for things of the simple beginner nature, please share them in the comments!

~ Havok

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